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Sunday, 25 November 2012

In Search of the Brontë's

Recently I was at home with a lack of anything useful to do with myself, so I was randomly googling stuff, as boredom encourages teenagers to do and I found a string of youtube videos that were about the Brontë's. I have loved the Brontë sisters since I first cracked open Wuthering Heights, so I was really interested in this documentry.
It was first broadcast in 2003 by the BBC and was directed by Samira Osmon, starring Victoria Hamilton as Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Hurran as Emily Brontë and Alexandra Milman as Anne Brontë.
I really enjoyed this documenty. It is beautifully dramatised with some great music in the background. I loved this way it was written and it was very informative.
I know way more about the Brontë's and their tragic empassioned lives. I loved learning about Emily in particular. She was a deep and complex character, prone to depression. I love Emily's novel and her poetry and I only wish that she had been alive longer so that we may enjoy more of her work today.
The documentry also delves into the relationship the three sisters had with their brother Branwell. Branwell was expected to be the most successful of the Brontë's, as the only son of Patrick and Maria Brontë he had a great intellectual and artistic mind and they expected great things of him. Unfortunatley Branwell got on the wrong path, a path of drink, scandal and violent delights. He was the first of the Brontë siblings who made it to adulthood to die.
It also explores the mystry of Emily Brontë's lost manuscript. It's one of those things I would love to read, but Emily was very private about her work and perhaps would have preffered the manuscript to remain shrouded in mystery.

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